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How Houstonians Feel About Starting a Businesses
December 17th, 2018
By Sarah Hunter

Houstonians are optimistic about their entrepreneurial prospects: according a new survey conducted by Northwestern Mutual, over half of respondents in the area believe they have what it takes to successfully start their own business.

“The Northwestern Mutual survey… questioned some 6,000 Americans from 12 different cities about their sentiments related to starting a business. Of those 6,000 respondents, 500 live in Houston. Over half of Houston respondents think that they have a business idea that could one day be successful — even if that idea is not fully formed or fleshed out yet.”

Their motivations varied: 45 percent had ideas that they believed would help a lot of people; 66 percent were motivated by their own passion for their idea; and over 65 percent also described income as a top motivating factor.

Though optimism was high among those who believe they have the chops to launch a new enterprise, respondents were more realistic about the barriers they might face in doing so: 46 percent listed financial barriers as the most significant. Despite this, 60 percent noted that they had already begun to bring their ideas to life in areas such as creative, technology, fashion, and hospitality.

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