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Emerging Leader Nominee: Gibson Hall
October 31st, 2018
By A.J. Mistretta

For Gibson Hall, it all started with a pop-punk band. The developer taught himself HTML code and Photoshop in order to make a site for his band, The Crimson Monkeys, in 1999. Soon his fun and friendly websites were shared around Houston and Gibson began making sites for more bands, businesses, and local organizations. Since then, the developer has worked on more than 50 websites for brands of all shapes and sizes, including Home Depot, CHI St. Luke's  Health, Gallery Furniture, Kirby Ice House, Star Pizza, and Cactus Records. He's also worked for Houston's premier advertising, public relations, and creative agencies: MMI, Culture Pilot, Edelman, and Decode Digital.

In  2015, Gibson joined UP Art Studio to create and launch Mini Murals, a public art project throughout the City of Houston which includes more than 200 painted electrical control cabinets. The program has won  the  attention of  the Mayor of Houston, has started  to expand to other cities, and continues to bring positivity through color to the streets of Houston.  

Gibson currently serves as Senior Manager of UX (User  Experience) for Home Depot’s corporate office.

Are you from Houston originally? 

Born and raised. I went to the same middle school as Solange Knowles and same high school as Kelly Rowland. I spent some years in California, but made my way back home. #Htown 

Who has inspired you most in your life and why?

Artists living out their passions. I love seeing all types of creatives—musicians, painters, entrepreneurs, and more—carrying out their dreams. My older sister is also very talented at design and as a competitive creative, she's always inspired me to reach for more.

How do you like to get your day started? Any consistent rituals?

I love morning rituals. My best days start with yoga and meditation. Usually followed quickly with a cup of coffee.

How do you approach leadership? Would you rather be liked or respected?

I approach leadership as understanding and visionary. Understand the surroundings and know when to stick with your gut. Respect is much harder to earn and keep than simply being liked.

Your portfolio of UX work is very impressive. Any favorite launches or brand campaigns you’ve worked on?

One of the favorite projects I've helped grow has been the Mini Murals project. Not only has it been a creative canvas for me to work on as a web designer, the project has spurred colorful paintings all around Houston, creating a better user experience (UX) while driving around town. Some of my other favorite projects have been working with TEDxHouston, Kirby Ice House, and Gallery Furniture. Working for all of these organizations has taught me so much and propelled me for the work I'm doing now.

How has working in Houston set you up for success?

I owe a lot of my success to my parents because they set me up in the right schools, right programs, and allowed me the right freedom to explore my creative projects and grow as an entrepreneur. I started creating websites in middle school while playing in bands at some of Houston's local music venues. In high school, I was able to intern for one of the biggest advertising agencies in Houston. University of Houston introduced me to several entrepreneurs and business owners have inspired me and hired me for creative services.

What are your Houston top three? 
Biking, walking or practicing yoga along Buffalo Bayou. I also love the new rooftop space at The Glassell and anywhere with a pretty view of downtown Houston.

Follow Gibson on Instagram @gibsooon on instagram. 

The 2018 HYPE Impact Awards will be held Nov. 8. Click here for information and tickets. 

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